OK. So by now you should know if now is the time to buy or not. If the answer is yes, it’s time to proceed to the next step which is to select your real estate agent.  If you aren’t already working with a credible real estate agent that you trust, get a recommendation from someone in the industry who knows the good ones and the not so good ones. Your agent should be someone that you trust to look out for your best interests, not someone trying to sell you a house. The good news is that the seller pays your realtor’s commission so the only thing you pay a realtor for will be their agency’s fee (usually called an administrative fee or technology fee). It is usually less than $500 and not due until the closing. So, if you don’t buy you don’t owe the fee.

Questions you should expect from a great realtor:

  1. What price range are you looking for?  (And, of course, you now have the answer which is based on the payment information that you discussed with your mortgage consultant.)
  2. What type of property?  How many bedrooms/bathrooms do you need? Where do you want to be located? What requirements are important to you and your family’s lifestyle?
  3. How long do you plan to own this home?  If you are going to live in it forever then resale is less of a concern to you than someone who is buying a house to own for five years before moving into something larger. Your realtor will put all of your property requirements into the MLS database to provide you with all of the properties currently for sale meeting your criteria. Once this information has been entered into the database, as soon as new listings that meet your criteria hit the market, you will be notified immediately. THIS is why you don’t just drive around looking at houses for sale or just look on real estate web sites for your next home. A great house at a great price sells fast because that is what everyone looks for.  In some cases, these homes are under contract before the FOR SALE sign even gets planted in the yard. IF you don’t have a realtor who is working for you, you won’t be able to find out about that house that’s your perfect fit.

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